Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We ran out of immediate things to do a few weeks ago at the furniture store where I work. As is usually done when that situation arises, we began winding up the dozen or so grandfather clocks scattered about on the showroom floor. It's one of those short, easy, low-priority jobs that doesn't really need to be done, so we put it off until a few minutes before closing time.

A family was there - they were looking at beds, I believe. The mother with a crew cut, the father with hair beneath his shoulders, one boy about 8 years old, and the baby sister in a car seat. I gave them a nod and a smile in passing, and went some distance away to wind one of the clocks. I had just inserted the winder and was cranking away when I heard the boy say, "Hey, look! He's winding the clocks!" "Probably a first sight for him," I thought to myself, and smiled. After the weights were raised, I set the time and moved on.

Elijah in the meantime had worked his way toward the front of the store, closer to the place where they were now standing. I couldn't see much more of the boy than his spiky, blond hair as he moved closer to get a better view. I heard him exclaim as Elijah lifted the hinged cover and begun winding, "Ah! So that's how they wind the clocks!"

Life's a little bit like the clocks, and many of us are like the boy. Many of us come to Christ because we realize that Someone is winding the clocks, and slowly we begin to see (in a dim sort of way) His hand moving in our lives. Still, though, we find ourselves often forgetting that, and worry sets in, telling us in its whining voice that maybe things are out of control. And I know, I've often felt that "falling" sensation when I think about my future, or my present even. But we need to remind ourselves - Someone has that all figured out. He is weaving a wonderfully marvelous tapestry with us as thread. It may look sometimes like your line is going all squiggly, but if you've given your life to Christ, He'll be sure to make it come out all right - a thing of beauty that only He can make.

And someday, when we get to heaven and look back over our lives, we'll be able to happily say, "Ah! So that's how He winds the clocks!"

Monday, May 5, 2008

Just a Thought

You know, I bet that the majority of us probably have a friend or two that we've never physically seen. Maybe we correspond by letters, email, or phone conversations, but we haven't ever seen their face - if they walked right past us, we'd probably never recognize them. Sometimes, though, we occasionally see someone we've never met before and a little thought races quickly across our mind, "What if that was so-and-so?" Reality bullies the poor little thought down, and we smile and shake our heads at ourselves, but something causes us to treat them just a little bit nicer - almost as if they were that particular person.

Come to think of it, though, what if that person were an angel? Hebrews 13:2 says to treat strangers hospitably - some have housed angels without knowing it. An awesome messenger of God, come to earth to encourage, instruct, build up someone's crumbling faith... who knows? Makes you almost feel ashamed for the occasional unkind word or snide glance. Or the many times you simply looked the other way to gently discourage them from starting up a conversation with you, merely because of the way they might appear (I know we've all done that).

Thinking that just maybe, maybe, he or she might be sent from God makes you want to give them an extra smile or something, doesn't it? We can even take that a little bit further, though.

What if they were Jesus?

Now there's a scary thought.