Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Am the Deep Blue Sea

"Sit down young children on my sandy shore,
I am the deep blue sea
I have a story for every boy and girl
who would listen to me..."
- Mark Mathis

The gifts of the Sea are free to pirate and trader, passenger and sailor.
The knowledge of the Sea is deep and unending.
The terrors of the Sea are felt by both mariner and marlin.

Yet to the moon, the Sea is a captive. Bound by invisible strings, it rises and falls in a gentle dance, enraptured by the beauty of its lover.

In some ways, I am the pirate, the passenger, the marlin.
In some ways, I am the moon.
In some ways, I am the sea.

I drink of the Great Sea as if a pirate, yet I am loved as if the moon.
I dance below, when the True Moon's soft bidding compels me.
I dive, and am lost in the vastness, and long to never wish for dry land.

For when I am on dry land, I thirst.

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