Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blogs were meant to be written to music.

Encouragement. It's such a easy word to say.
"Hey there - good job..."

We find it astonishingly hard to do in real life, however. Oh, sure, when we are enraptured by someone, kiss the ground they walk on, or simply hold them is high esteem, it's easy. They seem to earn it - unconsciously command it - and it is torn from our soul by our delight.

Perhaps, though, when we think about it, they are the ones least in need of encouragement. It's still good to affirm them - perfectly good - but perhaps it's the ones that don't do well who need it most. Those who have no one orbiting their world, no one to notice their small victories. The ones who mess up - the ones we tend to frown at, and tell them to shape up. Then, maybe, they'll have earned some encouragement from us.

Yet... no plant grows by withholding water. You can either demand that trees come to your banks to drink and flourish, or you can branch out, water the parched land, and leave an explosion of green in your wake.

Guilty as charged.

Now that we know about it, let's change it, shall we?

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